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Kihara Kimachia

Kihara Kimachia is a writer and digital marketing consultant with over a decade of experience covering issues in emerging technology and innovation.

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Ashwin Saxena

Founder, of Cybranex Technologies and consultancy pvt ltd, is a physicist with a strong background in deep theoretical physics and a passion for scientific understanding with a Phd in Quantum Computing.

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Gavin Megson

Gavin Megson is currently a PhD student at Portland State University. Gavin has interned for NASA, published research in wireless comms, and optimizing communication protocols, to name a few.

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Carolina Arias-Perdomo

Carolina Arias-Perdomo is a doctor in theoretical physics. Carolina works in the areas of particle physics, quantum field theory, and quantum computing.

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Ussama Assad

Throughout Ussama Assad 7 years tenure as a lecturer with the focus on AI and 3+ years as a freelance , Ussama have honed his skills in AI and its development in real-world applications.

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Craig D

IT expert, with 20 years of knowledge, able to translate complex language to simple, easy to understand talk. Taking complex quantum computing terms and producing content for all.

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