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Quantum computing is revolutionizing the technological landscape with its exponential growth and potential capabilities. As we witness the emergence of first-generation quantum systems, we see a promising future addressing complex problems that traditional computers may struggle to solve.

The adoption rate of quantum computing has been on a steady rise, with organizations actively planning, preparing, and incorporating this cutting-edge technology into their workflows.


Kihara Kimachia

Thought Leadership

Kihara Kimachia is a writer and digital marketing consultant with over a decade of experience covering issues in emerging technology and innovation.

Ashwin Saxena

Quantum Technologies

Founder, of Cybranex Technologies and consultancy pvt ltd, is a physicist with a strong background in deep theoretical physics and a passion for scientific understanding with a Phd in Quantum Computing.

Carolina Arias-Perdomo

Doctor in Physics, Data Scientist 

Qualified doctor in QFT with 5 of experience as a researcher, 2 years as a data scientist, and 8 as a teacher

My goal is to apply my knowledge into research and development positions in fundamental science and new technologies. With a strong background in quantum mechanics, mathematics, programming, and research methodology, I have acquired the skills to approach technological and scientific challenges from multiple angles, including current paradigms such as quantum computing and AI.

Ussama Assad

AI Consultant | Quantum Computing

Throughout Ussama Assad 7 years tenure as a lecturer with the focus on AI and 3+ years as a freelance , Ussama have honed his skills in AI and its development in real-world applications.

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Gavin Megson

Wireless Comms

Gavin Megson is currently a PhD student at Portland State University. Gavin has interned for NASA, published research in wireless comms, and optimizing communication protocols, to name a few.

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Clint Brown, Craig D

Tech Experts

Together, with over 20 years of knowledge, the two are able to translate complex language to simple, easy to understand talk. Taking complex quantum computing terms and producing content for all.

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