Gavin Megson

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Gavin Megson is currently a PhD student at Portland State University. When he isn't consulting online, you can find him interning for NASA, publishing research in wireless communication, optimizing communication protocols with machine learning, or helping to develop a student-designed satellite. He has extensive experience in machine learning, wireless standards and protocols (including 5G standards and programming for many-antenna arrays), cryptography and computer security, blockchain theory and implementation, satellite communication, and information theory.As an independent consultant, Gavin has evaluated the feasibility of several machine-learning projects. He also has experience evaluating patent applications for a contracting company, and previously worked as a data analytics consultant for F500 clients.Gavin loves the art of investing, and has made machine learning tools for automated trading. He also is a digital art enthusiast, and in addition to creating art himself he loves being on the cutting edge of machine learning for text-to-image, style transfer, and other AI image generation.LinkedIn Profile: